You want to start with a more mature project management approach, but you don’t want to start from scratch. You already have some basic knowledge about project management, and you want to re-use existing documentation. So what are the next steps ? Ask us about “ABC – a process based project approach” !

ABC - a process based project approach

Pragmatic and Lean

First we start with an “As-Is” and a “To-Be” assessment to clarify your current situation that to capture your desired outcome. Next we plan together with you the scope of this transition trajectory : what will be done, and what not. Just like in a real project.

We use our PM Studio System as a starting point to shape your new tailored project management approach.  We won’t overload your organisation with a huge paper administration, but we keep everything pragmatic and lean. Your employees need to spend their time on delivering project results, not on creating unnecessary documents.

Interactive workshops

Learning by doing is still the best and most efficient way to learn new things. That’s why we keep the classic training to the absolute minimum and we focus on interactive workshops and coaching sessions. We assist and guide your teams during project execution about the use of your new tailored project management approach.