PM Studio™

A short history

About PM Studio™

PM Studio™  is a project management system for anyone needing to complete projects in the real world. It is for project managers, project leaders, team managers and all others involved in a project team.

Even when you are not a full time project responsible, but you are just dealing with projects on an ad-hoc basis, PM Studio will provide you with the necessary information and tools to get your project done successfully.

The PM Studio™ Toolkit

The content of PM Studio is fully aligned with Prince2 (2009 edition), PMBoK (5th Edition), ICB 4.0, BABoK (3rd Edition) and ISO 21500 (2013 edition), which were all the latest editions at the time PM Studio was developed.

The PM Studio Toolkit is consisting of different components. Each component can be used individually, but when combined together they provide you with a powerful system to Get Projects Done Smoothly.

More info

Contact us for more info regarding the PM Studio Toolkit or one of the components.

Why PM Studio™ ?

Many organizations have already discovered the benefits of working in a project-based or project-like manner. Some have developed their own method or approach, while others have adopted a worldwide standard like those mentioned here above.

As a freelance project manager, I’ve had the opportunity to work for different organizations and experience the effect of theoretical models on real world projects.

During my project management career, I’ve encountered many situations where “the standard” approach leads to a theoretical paper burden, leaving teams with insufficient project support or inadequate toolsets to get things done the right way.

Therefor I decided to build my own project management system called PM Studio.

I don’t call it a “standard”, or a “method”, or a “framework”, but just a “system” because it’s a systematic way of working that will help you to do the right things at the right time.

Use the content of PM Studio at your own convenience and customize it to your needs where necessary. Use it as a guideline or personal reference to lead your project from start to finish and reap the rewards that come from satisfied stakeholders and peers.

How it all started

I started as a junior project team member in 1990 for the company PMS-Project Management Services. After a couple of  assignments for different projects, I was given the opportunity to become a project manager. I started out with some small, easy projects, and later I moved onto larger and more complex challenges.

In those days, learning project management, was mainly about learning by doing and being open to guidance and recommendations from your senior or more experienced peers. So I learned the goods things, but also the not so good things which resulted in my repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

January 2006 was the beginning of a new journey in my project management learning path. I joined the PMI Belgium Chapter and got involved in a structured project management framework. In years that followed I gained more knowledge about the PMI standard (PMBoK®), the Prince2™ method and many other approaches to get projects delivered within the classic constraints of scope-time-cost.

I combined all that knowledge learned during my consulting and coaching sessions with clients and mid-2013 I decided I need “a product” of my own. It needed to be something that could link together all the knowledge and expertise around the hard and soft skills of project management in a structured, tough, flexible system. This “product” would answer the needs of many novices looking to take their first steps as a project leader. But the “product” also would need to fit the work processes of the more experienced and seasoned project managers, to make their daily activities more efficient and effective. That’s how PM Studio was born.

At the end of 2016, PM Studio was presented to the general public at the “PM Fair” , the PMI Belgium Chapter annual congress. We received a lot of attention and positive feedback. Later in March 2017, PM Studio and the PM Studio Online platform were launched to a wider audience !

Success with your projects !
Get them done !

Dirk Huyers
Creator of PM Studio
September 2016

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