Microsoft Teams and PM Studio

Microsoft Teams is een geweldige tool om met je team samen te werken aan projecten. Onze PM Studio Online oplossing werkt naadloos samen met Microsoft Teams. We leggen het uit.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is een chat-based workspace in Office 365 welke verschillende apps en services integreert. Microsoft Teams heeft verschillende tabs en “desktops” zodat verschillende applicaties in parallel kunnen gebruikt worden. Het is heel eenvoudig om de PM Studio™ Online applicatie aan zo een tab toe te voegen. Zo heb je alle project info bij de hand en kan je tevens vlot communiceren met je team to get your projects done smoothly.

PM Studio + Microsoft Teams

Hieronder een samenvatting van een artikel uit Geekwire over de toekomst van Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams will replace the current Skype for Business

As its annual customer event Ignite kicks off in Orlando, Microsoft announced this morning that Teams will eventually replace Skype for Business as the company’s primary tool for all calls, video conferences and meetings for customers using Office 365 in the cloud. Microsoft didn’t give a timeline for this move.

For our cloud connected customers, As the core communications client, we will make Microsoft Teams the hero and primary experience for all voice, video and meetings. Over time, Microsoft Teams will replace the current Skype for Business client,” said Ron Markezich, corporate vice president of Office 365 marketing.

For customers who aren’t planning to move their advanced calling and meetings functions to the cloud, Microsoft is working on a new version of Skype for Business Server, scheduled for the second half of 2018. Microsoft also said it is planning extensive updates on Skype’s infrastructure to allow for enterprise-grade calls and video meetings.

Microsoft added more than 100 new features to Teams between the announcement of the preview version last November and its official launch in March 2017, with more coming all the time. The latest center around a concept Markezich called “intelligent communications.” Microsoft will use machine learning and concepts like translation and speech recognition to automate parts of meetings to make it easier to prepare and follow up.

September 2017, Microsoft said Teams is now being used by 125,000 organizations, up from 50,000 at its March launch.

Microsoft Teams is included at no extra charge in business editions of Office 365 subscription service and is available in 181 markets around the world. As part of the larger Office package — which boasts more than 100 million monthly active users — the growth potential is there for Teams. The company doesn’t expect the tool to immediately take over the competitive enterprise collaboration market, which includes some of the world’s most powerful tech giants, such as Amazon, Google and Facebook, as well as upstart Slack, but Microsoft wants to set Office apart as the go-to program for enterprises.

PM Studio™ Online

PM Studio Online is the digital component of the PM Studio Toolkit. This cloud based platform is uniquely tailored to be used in any kind of project, small or large, simple or complex.

Anyone can use this intuitive solution to manage any kind of activity in a one-man project or in collaboration with your team.

Source : Geekwire