PM Studio™ Online

PM Studio Online is the digital component of the PM Studio Toolkit. This cloud based platform is uniquely tailored to be used in any kind of project, small or large, simple or complex.

Anyone can use this intuitive solution to manage any kind of activity in a one-man project or in collaboration with your team.

Visual maps and interactive templates help to structure information in a clear and pragmatic way.

Key benefits :

  • An intuitive cloud solution focusing on project management activities and related project documentation.
  • Simple online document creation through structured templates and reusable content.
  • Easy communication and collaboration with your team and stakeholders via the platform.
  • Smart tools to visualise information and project  configuration.
  • GTD (Getting Things Done) Daily Log to manage all your ToDos.

Finally a tool
built by project managers
for project managers !

pm studio platform

Additional features :

  • PM Studio Online is a cloud application hosted on Microsoft Azure server infrastructure
  • Microsoft Office integration
    • Microsoft Word Templates, Outlook conversations, Microsoft Excel reports, etc.
  • Support for mobile devices such as Apple iPad and Android tablets
  • Data security ISO 27001 compliant
  • Data exchange with other platforms via API

Meer info

Contacteer ons voor meer info betreffende de PM Studio Toolkit of één van de componenten.