from pms to pmstudio

PMS®- Project Management Services

PMS® is now PM Studio

from pms to pmstudio

1987 : How it all started

Project Management Services

PMS®– Project Management Services was founded in 1987 as an independent, owner-managed project management services organisation, to support enterprises and temporary project organisations with the planning and execution of project management activities on site.

In the beginning PMS® was mainly active in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food u0026amp; beverage and healthcare industry. In a later phase, services were also being performed in non-industrial sectors and projects like ICT, financial services, insurance companies, government, etc.

As from 1993, PMS® evolved from being an on-site project management service provider towards a consulting, coaching and mentoring firm specialized in organizational and personal workflow improvements by using project u0026amp; process management techniques.

The new range of services included – besides consultancy and training – also the development and implementation of pragmatic concepts (project-, program- and portfolio management) and tailored workflow models that integrates with existing business processes. New developments and/or tailored improvements are achieved via interactive sessions and creative workshops with representatives from all user groups. The individual coaching and mentoring approach ensured clear understanding and smooth acceptance by the users which helps them to apply the new systems in their day-to-day activities and feel the advantages immediately.

In 1998, I took over the ownership of PMS® via my other company EVOL.  We kept the PMS brand and continued to deliver services under the brand names “PMS” and “Project Management Services”.

2016 : The birth of a new brand

In December 2016, all activities of PMS® were merged with EVOL.
All ongoing activities and the future activities will be performed by EVOL under the new brand name “PM Studio“.

Dirk Huyers
former CEO of PMS