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When you attended a training session on project management, you were probably inspired by all the new things you learned and you wanted to put them into practice straightaway.

I can imagine that you could hardly sleep due to the excitement. On your way to work the next day, you may have even been visualising how exactly you were going to implement these new ideas to improve your project.

Then you arrive at work … and your team leader or key stakeholder is asking for an urgent meeting regarding an urgent issue to be resolved ASAP.

What will happen with your ideas and ambitions ?

We have been in the same situation before, so we completely understand how you feel in this particular kind of situation.
You might just need a helping hand to get going.


Consultancy & Advice

The amount of information about project management, methods, standards, templates, software, training, etcetera is so overwhelming, that it’s difficult to identify and select what is best for you, your organisation, or your project environment.
We have 30+ years of real-life experience in this area, so we are probably in a good situation to help you select and use the methods, tools and techniques that are best suited to your situation.
Get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

Implement & Optimize

You may already have a project management approach, but it might be not entirely aligned with what you actually do or need.

We can assist you in many ways to implement and/or optimize a project management approach that is customized and tailored to your needs.
Get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

Tailored project management system

ABC - a process based project approach

Looking for a more mature project management system that is aligned with your business and your type of projects ? Look no further and call us about our ABC solution to get you on the right track ! Our ABC proces based project approach has been used by many corporate clients before. It’s based on a pragmatic collaboration between your project team(s) and our experts to detect the needs and to develop the tailored solution.
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Setup a PMO

Any organisation that runs multiple projects simultaneously, need a PMO (Project Management Office).
The PMO functions as a control tower on an airport to control all traffic and to avoid crashes and incidents.

What are the most important activities of a PMO ?:

  • Overview of all ongoing projects (Portfolio Management)
  • Alignment of projects with strategic objectives
  • Coordination of the available resources over all ongoing projects
  • Training u0026amp; Coaching of aal project participants on all levels
  • Keeping the project approach documentation up to date
  • (additionally) assist project teams with project documentation

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Training & Coaching

We also train and coach teams and individuals about the different skills and techniques needed to take projects from inception to completion. At this moment we only offer in-company trainings and eLearning solutions.
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Questions ?

If you have any questions about our platform or academy, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.
We’re also happy to support you with practical guidance to make sure you’re getting the most out of our products.

happy customer

Get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

Being coached helped me
to keep focus on the important things
and to deliver my project successfully.

More info

Contact us for more info regarding the PM Studio Toolkit or one of the components.