Document Management for Project Managers

PM Studio is a project management approach that focusses on efficiency and effectiveness of project managers and team members. We provide an online solution for defining and managing project management activities, derived from the project context and from collaboration during the project execution.

We keep project documentation and information in a cloud-based database, and use online templates for collecting and presenting this data to the users. However, when project information is derived from external sources, it must be saved and stored elsewhere. This is where SMARTdoc enters the show.

You can use Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint or OneDrive, or any other storage location to save digital content. But as you already have discovered yourself, it can become a nightmare to share content among different users while keeping an eye on security and versioning. Once your load of documents starts to increase, it can be a huge challenge to retrieve the right document with the right version at the right moment.

Avoid sending local stored copies by email to colleagues and peers.
Keep everything in a central repository where you can find the right document via a simple push on the button.

PM Studio can connect with SMARTdoc to link documents from the central project document repository to any project activity or project deliverable.

What is SMARTdoc?

SMARTdoc is a complete, painless and affordable documanagement solution, scalable from a single user desktop utility, up to an enterprise wide framework, all based upon one simple user experience.

SMARTdoc is a very intuitive and easy-to-use document management solution, a tool developed with user friendliness in mind. Many other systems require different sequential operations to successfully archive documents. In SMARTdoc a simple drag-and-drop operation will do the trick.

The search module allows the user to quickly access documents. A search based on one or multiple keywords, a part of a file name, a content fragment or the archive date are just a few of the possibilities.

We are partnering with SMARTdoc since 2017.


Our partnership not only includes close collaboration based on consultancy and services, but also involves an integration of the SMARTdoc platform with our PM Studio™ Online platform..

Contact us if you want to know more about these integrations.